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What is the minimum required configuration?

Compatible with all iPads and iPad mini.
We recommend using an iPad 32Gb for using Archipad

Requires an iPad with the latest version of iOS or the previous version.

Is Archipad full compatible with a PC?

Yes, 100% compatible.

Do you need an Wi-Fi connection to transfer informations, create a backup, or send reports?

If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, you can connect your iPad to your PC or Mac to transfer data to or from your iPad using the cable provided with your iPad

iPads that have the Cellular or 3G option can use the cellular network with the Cellular Data option active.

Do you have documentation about Archipad?

Yes, you will find it in the section Resources > Manuals.

Is there an Android version of Archipad?

Currently, Archipad is an only iPad app.

However, you can use Archipad Mobi on mobile phones and on Android tablets.

What process of use is recommended?

In the office, create your project, add work packages, and import your drawings.

On the construction site, create a new visit. Select the drawing, point the location where you want an observation, and enter details for the observation, adding a photo or sketch if needed.

How do I synchronize one project on several iPads?

To synchronize one project on several iPads, each account accessing the project must have a Premium account.

You can not work on several iPads using the same account. Each iPad must be connected with a different account.


What drawing formats are supported?

Supported file formats are PDF, DWF, DWFx (for BIM), and pictures.

Drawings can be scaled or reduced by 400%. Pinch using two fingers to zoom.

Storage of drawings is limited by iPad capacity (drawings are on average 500K, so store at least 10 000 drawings).

How do you import drawings?

On Archipad Cloud

Import your plans by selecting the Plans section, and click the + button. Then select to import a plan from Your computer ; DropBox ; Box ; Google Drive ; OneDrive ; Amazon Cloud Drive ; Gmail ; FTP ; WebDAV

On Archipad App

Using iTunes :

Connect your iPad to your computer, then select your iPad in iTunes. Click the Apps tab and scroll to the File Sharing section, and drop your drawings on Archipad.

Using Dropbox :

Open the drawing in Dropbox, then tap the "Open in…" and choose Archipad.

Using Archipad :

Add the drawing to your Dropbox, then tap the "Import from Dropbox" button.

Using mail :

Open the attached drawing in your mail on iPad and tap the "Open in…" button and choose Archipad.

Can a drawing be updated once it is imported and has observations?

From Archipad Cloud

When you need to update a plan on which you have already added observations, select the Plans section in your project and select the plan to update. Click the i (information button) on the right, and in the dialog that will open click the + button to import the new version for your plan. To activate the version that you just imported, click on the plan, then click on the flag to activate the new version.

From Archipad App

When you need to update a drawing on which you have already added observations, import the modified drawing as described above and touch the "Update drawing" button that will show on the original drawing.
The name of the modified drawing must be identical, and you must also make sure that the scale and orientation of the drawing are identical, or the dots of existing observation will not show in the right location.

Only the first page of my PDF is imported

If you import a multi-page PDF document with several drawings, only the first page/drawing will be imported.


How do I create standard observation descriptions?

Any description for an observation that you create will be proposed for future observations you create, for the same work package.
We strive to minimize the amount of text you have to enter on your iPad.

How do I define the finish or due date for an observation?

When you create an observation, you can enter the due date. Later on, simply select the observation from the list or directly on the drawing, and edit the information.

How do I add a comment to an observation?

Using Archipad App

Open your project and select a meeting. Select the observation, and touch the current status to show the popup menu, and choose History and comments and then Add a comment.

Using Archipad Mobi

Open your project and select Observations.
Select the observation to which you want to add the comment, and touch the Add comment button.

Using Archipad Cloud

Open your project and select a meeting. Select the observation, and click the current status to show the popup menu, and choose History and comments and then Add a comment.

How can I see the comment of an observation?

Follow the instructions from above to view the comments history and status changes.

Can I add more than one photo to an observation?

Currently you can only add one photo or sketch to an observation. You can also draw a sketch on a photo you add. With each comment, you can add one photo as well.

How can I share my report with contractors and others?

Generate your report and touch the share button. You can send the report and drawings directly by mail to the participants of the meeting.

Can I set up color codes for observations depending on work package?

Yes, open the preferences for your project and select "Based on work package" from the "Color for dots" option.

Once I positioned an observation, can it still be moved around?

Absolutely, touch the observation to move, and drag it to it’s desired location.


How do I change projects?

To change projects, return to the project selector screen. You can either select an existing project, open a backup made from your or another iPad, or create a new project.

Can I add users?

You can share your projects with your team, and others users on other iPads. You can also share your projects with your subcontractors, so they can access your project from Archipad Mobi using their phone for free.

What do the different access privileges allow when I share a project?
Privileges Access rights
Administrator Gives all rights. Allows to modify everything in the project.
Collaborator Only allows to create and close issues, and to create and share reports.
Guest Only allows to view the project, not to make any modifications.
Subcontractors Allows the designated subcontractor to use the Archipad Mobi app on a smartphone. Only allows to mark assigned issues as treated, and add comments and photos to those issues.
How do I share a project with a collaborator or team member?

On Archipad Cloud, open your project and select the "Share" item in the menu. Click the "+" button in the "Project shared with" list to add a collaborator. Enter the email and access privileges for the collaborator in the dialog. A collaborator must have an Archipad Premium license in order to be able to open the project.

Drawing explaining sharing with collaborator
How do I share a project with a subcontractor?

On Archipad Cloud, open your project and select the "Share" item in the menu. Click the "+" button in the "Work packages using Archipad Mobi" list to add a subcontractor. Enter the email the collaborator in the dialog and click "Invite". A subcontractor does not need an Archipad Premium license to be able to open the project from Archipad Mobi.

Drawing explaining sharing with subcontractor

Subscription and account

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club) for online payments. You can also use bank-to-bank wire transfers. For more details about our payment methods, contact our sales team.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To suspend the automatic renewal of your subscription, go to your account page, and deselect the automatic renewal option. At the end of your current period, your subscription will not be renewed.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

Once your Archipad Premium subscription expires, you can no longer share projects or your work. You can however still access all your projects and modify them. Your account will automatically become a free account.

Do you propose a special price for teachers and students?

In order to help students and teacher integrate the latest technologies, we propose them free Archipad licenses. To get your free Archipad license, create your Archipad account and email us your student card or faculty member card and your Archipad account details. Once validated, you’ll have unrestricted access to Archipad for one year, renewable for as long as you can justify your student or teacher status.

Other question?

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