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Project supervisor

Track the progress of construction

Deliver a quality structure on time, because the reports are prepared, distributed, and tracked much more quickly.
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4 personnes entrain de discuter avec un casque de chantier et un ordinateur et des plans dans les mains


Track periodic progress
Create delivery acceptance reports
Manage calls to attend meetings
Have all documents within easy reach
Take quick notes at the worksite
Publish custom automated reports
Get an overview of the building’s anomalies with traceability
Know exactly how far the work has come
Generate worksite statistics
Have direct access to documents (fewer intermediaries)

Applicable businesses

Architects, supervisors, work overseers, site foremen, schedulers/coordinators, etc.

Tracking a project’s progress with Archipad becomes child’s play with the dashboard. Work is made easier by the tool and its many features. Update the BIM model throughout construction using observations recorded in the field. Deliver a finished project in real time, by the deadline set in the client’s specifications. Save documents and view them any time. Designing the structure, directing workers, and checking the execution of their work is also made easier with real-time information transmission, dedicated note-taking, generating statistics, and more.

During the worksite monitoring phase, it only takes one action to write accurate reports directly at the worksite and notify workers and partners about them. The same is true for editing the statuses of meetings and for sending reports. In the project’s final phase, writing the final acceptance report and addressing observations takes just one click.

Time is valuable, and with Archipad, all these time-consuming phases become child’s play.

Immeuble en construction

Our customers' testimonials

I've been working with and selling Archipad software since 2015 and it's been going great.
Judicaël Laissu
I met one of the founders of Archipad at the Batimat innovation competition in 2011. Since then, I've been selling Archipad software. Our relationship is very professional and I'm delighted with this collaboration.
Patrice Infante
CAD Equipement
Corps d'état sur un chantier avec une tablette à la main utilisant l'application de suivi de chantier Archipad
Fluid, efficient and intuitive. Archipad helps you manage your projects effectively.
Vincent Altenhoven
We save one day for every five houses delivered, thanks to Archipad observations management.
Tom Ostrihon

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