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Project management

Generate documents (reports, minutes, inventories), manage meetings and import and/or synchronise your projects using Archipad, the construction-monitoring application.



Ensure the progress and monitoring of your site by managing observations
Organise your site forecasts and anticipate unforeseen events with planning
Import, export and synchronise projects in just a few clicks
Manage observations, work packages, plans, meetings, remarks, photos on a single interface and save paper
Keep track of the status, distribution and progress of your observations in real time using the dashboard
Generate reports, construction update, site inventory with ease and distribute them to your staff for better communication
Coordinate and manage employees by means of attendance slips, meeting invitations, document signatures, videoconferencing arrangements for clearer site follow-up


Significantly reduce errors and delivery delay
Anticipate unforeseen events on your site
Supervise every stage of your project
Save up to 70% of your production time and increase the number of deliveries per deliveries per year
Monitor your site efficiently and accurately
Trois personnes travaillant sur le chantier avec un ordinateur et des plans et revêtant des gilets et casques de chantier

Why Archipad?

A customisable interface

Our construction monitoring application adapts to your needs and business constraints. Whether it’s your screen or your documents, Archipad would be delighted to customise your application to suit your needs and requirements.

Reactive and available support

Technical support is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to
5.30pm to answer all customer questions. A service deployed free of charge to ensure zero-defect delivery. Archipad also offers weekly demonstrations on its Premium and Promoter licences to give you all the tips and tricks you need to monitor your site efficiently.

Maximise productivity

With Archipad, you can plan, monitor and maintain all your construction projects, and reduce their costs and defects, thanks to an optimised, up-to-date stock management.

A flexible solution

From the office to the worksite, you can take your files with you wherever you go. Available on PC, iPad and iPhone, Archipad is the all-terrain application that adapts to your constraints.

The most user-friendly, intuitive construction-monitoring application

With Archipad, information flows easily and transparently. Monitoring your project in real time has never been easier.

The reference application

253 000
time saved per meeting

Optimise your worksites with Archipad!

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