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With , discover the constuction site software, developed to make your management easier. Our allows you to have all of your projects at hand.

Especially developed to building trades (project manager, real estate developer) and companies, the follows you wherever you go, on site or at the office. Save time and production with our Archipad .

Acces to your construction site software from everywhere

On constuction site
with the software

When traveling, no longer bring your paper documents with you. One tablet and our are enough ! Thanks to his dashboard, you will find all of your currents and you can navigate easily on the app to manage observations, notes, photos and reports generation.


With the software
at the office

When you are in your office, Archipad give you an web interface of the on your computer. Take full advantages of the in order to take back your notes taken upstream on the site and complete them in the office.


The features integrated into our construction site software

Dashbord and customization of construction site software

Also find on your dashboard, the overall status (plans, remarks, etc.) of your projects and their progress. You can also customize your site application via specific developments (workflows, etc.). Store your documents directly in the software (quotes, invoices, vouchers, etc.).

Manage projects and collaborators

Manage your projects by importing, exporting or synchronizing them. Manage remarks and observations then generate reports. You can also manage shares, meetings and the presence of trades / work packages directly on our website construction software.

Manage documents and plans

You can add documents for each project and import/export plans in differents formats. In addition, our support BIM plans thanks to our REVIT pluign.

Personalized support in getting started with our construction site software

Are you worried about getting started with our ? We have thought of everything! In order to train you in Archipad, our , we offer you various options :

Online training for the Archipad construction site software

Find all of our tutorials on our Youtube channel "Archipad" and discover the main functions avalaible 24h/24 a day about the

Online presentation of the Archipad's constuction site software

To improve your skills and discover the functions of , you can participate to a 30-minute demonstration every Thursday and Tuesday at 2:30 p.m by registering on the form on the "Resources" and "Demos" pages.

Downloadable user's guide of Archipad's construction site software

Receive two user's guides : a getting started guide of and a detailed reference manual which allow you to learn what each button and option of Archipad is used for.

Offers adapted to your needs

The promoter's offer of the construction site software

Offers you features specially developped to real estate (water/gas meter reading, etc.). You have unlimited access to Archipad and to technical support for the for a price of 85€HT/month for a monthly subscription or 69€HT/month in the case of an annual subscription.

The premium's offer of the construction site software

Allows you unlimited access to Archipad and to the technical support of the for a price of 45€HT/month for a subscription monthly or 39.90€HT/month in the case of an annual subscription.

The custom construction site software

Allows you to answer to your specific needs and to customize the depending on your desires. To learn more, contact us in order to receive a custom quotation.

Do you need more informations about Archipad's ? Do you have a project and you want to learn everything about about Archipad's ?

Do you have a question about one of our offers? Contact the customer service on 04 22 13 10 14 or the technic service on 04 22 13 11 35.

Our team of specialist will answer all of your question about Archipad.

Try for free our construction site software!

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