Construction... made easy

As soon as you start using Archipad, everything becomes easy. Your drawings will always be with you.
You're pointing directly on your drawings to position observations. Adding a photo to an observation has never been easier.

Archipad works stand-alone, with or without internet connection. When you are away from the office and visting a construction site, you will need nothing else, no Internet connection required. Your Archipad projects are self-contained and have all the information needed for you to start punching and work on a site.

Gain lots of time

Archipad is all about effeciency. We have added several tools to simplify the task and speed up your work. Using Archipad even allows you to remove tedious and time consuming steps.

Manage meetings

Use Archipad to conduct on-site meetings as you have never done before. Our simple to use list of items helps you organize your meetings effeciently, and makes sure you will not forget anything.


Archipad not only helps you entering observations, add photos, and track their status, Archipad will also send out reports to the contractors and sub-contractors, while you're still on site!

Now playing on a screen near to you

Use our web app to create your projects and upload your plans more easily than ever before.

From the comfort of your office, add and correct information you garther during your site meeting.

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Meeting minutes

Use our meeting minutes module to easily create good looking reports. Add remarks, RFIs, and any other kind of observation by category and add a photo or sketch to illustrate your entry. Create any kind of report quickly using Archipad.

Assign the remark to a contractor, specify the finish date, and select the status and style to use to display the remark in your report.

Track progress with charts

View at a glance the state of your projects. Different information about a project, by drawing and by work package, shown clearly in pie charts, bar charts, and area charts. Each chart will show you best the state and progress being made.

With just a few taps of your fingers, you will know which part of your project might run late, which contractor is not following your schedule, and on which drawing things are just as planned.

Using color coding of observations, you immediately pin-point on a drawing which observations are to be watched, those that are late, and those that are on track

Gain time. Lots of time

Our customers say they spend on average 50% to 75% less time per visit and sending out reports to contractors and sub-contractors using Archipad then they did before.

At all times all your drawings are with you, organized and sorted, available at the touch of your finger. Enter your observations directly on your drawings, simply by pointing at the right location on your drawing.

Our Type-Assist function help you drastically reduce the amount of text you enter. As you type, words that you use often are automatically proposed for single touch completion. Descriptions can also be selected from a list, specific for each contractor and sub-contractor. Rather than typing each description again, you will tap a previously entered one, standardizing your descriptions throughout your projects and company.

You will see, that as for our other users, Archipad will not only pay back for itself and the iPad you purchased, but will start save you money after just a couple of meetings.

Information management

Send out reports at the end of meetings

When you are done adding items to your punch list, generate a report and send it to all contractors and sub-contractors (and all the other people that were present during the meeting).

With just a couple of taps of your finger, while you are still with the other attendees of the meeting on site, they will have your report waiting in their mailbox.

No more wasted time returning to the office and retyping all your handwritten notes.

Information management

Archipad will of course keep track of every thing that you, or any one from your team, has done on the project. Even if your were not present at a previous meeting, when you use Archipad Cloud to consolidate the work of several collaborators using different iPads, every team member can update to the latest version of the project, and see what has been done.

Every report can be quickly reviewed to track progress, each plan and any observations that were added to it can be pulled up for quick verification.

And marking an observation as solved has never been easier, just swipe through the observation, and it will be crossed of and marked as done. Automatically the due date will change to solved date, and will show both dates in your reports.

Use Archipad for free

Start by entering your contact information, and in less time it took you to fill out the form you can start using Archipad.

Download Archipad from the AppStore, directly from your iPad, and start work in minutes.

Manage your drawings, issues, and minutes for free.

Upgrade your Archipad account to Premium and share your work with the other members on your project.

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